Hook Sharpening Service

We offer several types of Hook Sharpening Services/Sharpened Hooks. All can be ordered via the Hooks tab.  All prices are based on 10 Hooks per pack.

Custom Hand Sharpened Hooks
This service enables you to choose your type of branded hook.  We will purchase the hooks, Hand Sharpen them, and send them back to you.
Prices based on the cost of the hooks you require.
Tier 1 £8.99
If the cost of the hooks are between £3.00-£4.50 e.g  Fox Armapoint, Korda Krank, Gardner Mugga etc
Tier 2 £10.50
If the cost of the hooks are between £4.50-£6.00 e.g Atomic Hooks, Solar Stronghold and 101, Korda Kaptor and Nash Range etc

90% of hooks fall into tier 1 but there are a few that fall into tier 2, as listed above.  If you are not sure of the cost, drop us a message and we can advise.

Supply your own Hooks for Hand Sharpening £5
This service enables you to send your own hooks.  So if you already have packs of hooks in your Tackle Bag, you can send them to us and just pay for the Sharpening Service.

Our own range of Sharpened Hooks £7.50 - £7.75
We sell our own brand of hooks barbed and barbless.  These are offered Hand Sharpened as a stock item.  We have 7 different types available in sizes 8, 6, 4 & 2

We also stock Drennan Continentals in a sizes 4, 6  & 2 and Kamasan B775 Barbless in sizes 6 & 8

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